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Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton receives
Health Systems Excellence Award from the American Cancer Society

We are proud to announce that Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton (CHCGD) has been chosen by the American Cancer Society (ACS) as this year’s recipient of the Health Systems Excellence Award.

This award recognizes health care organizations that have gone above and beyond to embrace the full scope of their relationship with the ACS, and demonstrate exemplary support in advancing the fight against cancer. CHCGD receives this award in recognition of their efforts to increase colorectal cancer screening rates in the greater Dayton area. In 2015, CHCGD surpassed their goals and screened a total of 1,025 patients for colorectal cancer.

CHCGD is actively working to improve colorectal cancer screening rates among its patient population by providing patients who are eligible for screening with education, support, and access to resources in order to address common barriers that often prevent patients from obtaining screening. Clinical staff members and a specially trained community health worker proactively remind patients when they are due for screening, and help address fears and myths surrounding colorectal cancer screening. Colorectal cancer screening is conveniently offered on site within our health centers, via a simple, non-invasive fecal occult blood test.

By offering screening on site during a primary care appointment, our patients are relieved of the challenge obtaining transportation to specialty offices and taking additional time away from work and other responsibilities. If a colonoscopy is clinically indicated, as well as if subsequent results indicate a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, CHCGD’s comprehensive team of physicians, nurse practitioners, behavioral health practitioners, community health workers, and clinical staff assist the patients with scheduling specialty appointments, obtaining transportation to appointments and procedures, and providing educational and emotional support.


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